Editing Credits

Yaya Han’s World of CosplaySterling (2020, line editing)

Peter and Ernesto Vol. 3: Sloths in the Night, First Second (2020)

Dragon Hoops, First Second (2020)

Island Book, First Second (2019)

Infinite DarkTop Cow (2018-2019)

Peter and Ernesto Vol. 2: The Lost Sloths, First Second (2019)

The Garfield Show Vol. 7: Desperately Seeking Pooky, Papercutz (2017)


Seven Critics of Victory: Manhattan Guardian. Issue #1, Issue #2, Issue #3, Issue #4

Artists You Should Know, an interview series covering up-and-coming artists in comics

Everything Merges, an Exploration of Loss in Rosalie Lightning. PanelxPanel #7, January 2018.

Still, They Resisted: The History of Comics as a Medium for Political Subversion. The MNT #2, March 2017

At the End, Hope: A Study of Metafictional Devices in the works of Grant Morrison. 2015. Senior thesis submitted for departmental honors in English and American Literature at New York University. Awarded Honorable Mention for the CLS Award in Contemporary Literature.


Exclusive: Heather Antos Joins Valiant as Editor

Simon Spurrier on the timely timelessness of THE DREAMING #3 & the key advice Gaiman gave him

Scared of the future? DC Vertigo wants to help

Pornsak Pichetshote & Aaron Campbell answer INFIDEL’s toughest questions about race and America

How Nalo Hopkinson & Domo Stanton plan to break diverse new ground in the Dreaming

Dan DiDio on crafting SIDEWAYS and how Grant Morrison will help explore the Dark Multiverse

Alisa Kwitney on Female Friendship in Mystik U

Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie on the Legacy of The Wicked + The Divine

Tom King on Mister Miracle and 2017’s Ever-Flowing River of Shit

Declan Shalvey on bringing Ireland to America in Savage Town Part One | Part Two

Tillie Walden on growing up and coming out in Spinning: Part One | Part Two

Process Piece: Nick Derington on developing the covers to Mister Miracle

Marguerite Bennett on DC’s Bombshells and developing Bombshells United

Cliff Chiang on Breaking from Superheroes and Embracing Representation

Matt Rosenberg on Secret Warriors

American Gods cast and crew ask: is this show the antidote to Trump’s America?

Mariko Tamaki builds a roadmap to grief and identity in Supergirl: Being Super

Yuko Ota and Ananth Hirsh on Identity and Intimacy in Our Cats are More Famous Than Us

Calista Brill on Editing at First Second: Part One | Part Two

Process Piece: Behind the Scenes on Method Man’s Ghost Rider X-MAS Special

Scott Snyder on Developing All-Star Batman (with Kyle Pinion): Part One | Part Two

Gerard Way and Jon Rivera on Doom Patrol and Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye

Hope Larson and Rafael Albuquerque Discuss Batgirl’s Controversial Past and her Future in Asia

Skottie Young on I Hate Fairyland

Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba on Two Brothers: Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Gene Luen Yang on being named National Ambassador of Young People’s Literature


The DC Round-Up: A weekly DC Comics review column started in June 2016, co-written with Kyle Pinion and Louie Hlad

Review: Doomsday Clock #1

Review: Starz’ American Gods is a Beautiful Mess

Fixing Comics by Ignoring Comics

On Color, Joy, and Costume: How to Build Better X-Men

The Year Ahead: Reimagining Image Comics in 2016

In Defense of the Little Guy: Three Reasons You Should See Ant-Man

Meet Boulet: French Master of Visualizing Emotion

What Remains?: The Function of Time as seen through Richard McGuire’s Here


Libya Comic Con organizers and attendees beaten and detained after militia raid

The Eisner Watch: a series of articles where I coordinated previews and articles to highlight comics nominated for awards in 2017

A Look at the New York Times’ Decision to Stop Updating their Bestselling Comics List: Breaking Report | Follow-up Reporting